About Us

Good Works Art & Social

Good Works Art + Social is a place to gather with friends to create a unique DIY wood or Painted canvas project. Each Workshop is guided by an Artist or Art Educator that will assist you through each step so that you will leave with a work of art that you will be proud of! 

We are the Workmans! Courtney and Cody Workman are art and business enthusiasts who dream big! On their honeymoon in the summer of 2021 they knew they wanted to start a local business in Chattanooga. Courtney has always dreamed of having her own Art studio and Cody has alway dreamed of having his own woodshop. Less than a year later, our hard work and God’s provision allowed our dreams to collide and open our dream business, Good Works Art + Social.

The Artist: Courtney was painting and creating art before she could even talk! Her love for art led her to pursue a degree in Studio Art from Georgia College, where she focused on a painting and printmaking concentration. She has taught art for 8 years and holds a Masters in Art Education.Having her own art studio where she can share her love for art and creating with others has been a dream come true! 

The Social: Cody is a visionary and activator when it comes to business. Courtney says that he puts the “Social” on the business name and he’s never met a stranger. Throughout his years of studying business strategies and taking on leadership roles, he’s learned he values teamwork and bringing people together. When you meet him in the studio, he’ll ensure you know he is passionate about serving the community and will enjoy doing Good Works alongside you with his wife, Courtney.